About Us


Hurley Store is an icon for southwestern New Mexico having been here since 1912
It was originally the company store for Nevada Copper

Since 2016 Don and Becky Spann have operated the Hurley store. They operate and host the train layouts for the Silver City model train group.

Don worked for Kennecott mines from 1976 – 1983. Don was an instrument technician and lived in Silver City and Las Cruces. Don met Becky in Hurley in 1982.

Don likes to hike, shoot, ride his Harley, rebuild special vehicles, walking with his dogs, working in the store, where every day is a work in progress.

Becky worked for the phone company and early on and had to move multiple times to keep her job. Which ended us up in Tucson, AZ. She retired from the phone company in 2002 in Tuscon, AZ. Don and Becky returned to Silver City in 2012 and then to Hurley in 2016 after purchasing the Hurley store.

Our vision for the Hurley store is to be a gathering place for the young and old of the surrounding area. We sell antiques and to feature model trains for public view. We recently installed 70 military aircraft models for your viewing pleasure.

We have hosted two pumpkin patch celebrations and want to make this a yearly event.

We are the meeting place for the viewing of the Christmas lights an annual hayride.